The Cornish Jute Bag Company



We are importers and wholesalers and offer printing as an additional service to our customers.  We will not print bags sourced elsewhere.  We only print bags that we supply - if you already have your own bags, there are plenty of screenprinters out there. 

Prices for Printing are as follows:- 65p per colour per side up to a total of 6 colours. 

Printing is available on our range of bags where indicated in the descriptions. 

We offer a minimum run of 50 pieces to encourage you to try the product.

There is a screen set-up charge of £15 per colour.


We expect Print-ready artwork and separations to be provided where multiple colours are required. Where no artwork is available, we can recommend a graphic artist who will undertake your work at reasonable cost.

All printing is done in-house by our own staff - in the UK or in our factory in India.

We use water based inks as they are less harmful to the environment. These are not suitable to print pale colours on dark backgrounds, however. 

Exact colour matching is not guaranteed as the background colour affects the result. We will do our best and it helps if you specify a Pantone Uncoated colour as computer screens vary in their ability to show accurate colour.

Please note that dye colours of the bags can vary between batches and are not guaranteed.

Signed off artwork will be taken as acceptance of design and colour and any minor variation will be deemed as being within the scope of the contract to supply.

All the jute and cotton bags that we supply are made by hand. This means that there can be a variation in size between bags. This may affect the registration when printing multiple colours as it can be very difficult to standardise the process.


We hope that part of the bag's attraction is its "hand-made" aspect.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our printed products and want you to be proud of them too.  To make sure that you get the best result possible, we offer the following guidelines:-