The Cornish Jute Bag Company


Product Care

As with any product, careful maintenance will increase the lifecycle of your jute or cotton bag.

Your cotton bag can be washed by hand or in your washing machine along with similar cotton items and will benefit from the same care as they would receive.  Under normal circumstances the inks will be colour fast.  Use of bleach will degrade the quality of the print and eventually destroy it. Dry as you would normally dry cotton - avoid tumble dryers due to the possibility of shrinkage.

Jute Bags benefit from gentle sponging down to remove dirt and the inside laminate can be cleaned using a cloth and detergent.  If your jute bag gets wet, just invert it by a radiator and allow it to dry naturally.  Do not put in a tumble dryer as the laminate may melt causing damage to both your bag and the dryer.

Keep all bags away from a naked flame or very powerful heat sources which might induce combustion.